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New AR-15 Accessory! Spike's Tactical ST-T2 Heavy Buffer

Posted on November 5th, 2010 by ar15news

If you’ve spent more than 5 minutes shooting an AR-15, you’ve probably at least noticed an annoying “Spring” noise whenever you fire the rifle.  That sound is coming from the Buffer Tube that is built into the butt-stock of your gun.  Well, the people over at Spike’s Tactical don’t like that noise either so they designed a very high quality Heavy Buffer that will help to reduce the recoil of your gun but also make almost no sound at all.  Not to mention it also looks pretty awesome compared to the stock Carbine Buffer  This is a great, inexpensive way to fine tune your AR.  For $29.95 you just can’t go wrong!

I have copied the following information directly from their website.  You can also check it out for yourself here.

“This buffer is one of the softest shooting, smoothest and quietest buffers on the market not to mention it looks awesome. It doesn’t have any weights to move around or fluids to leak out, it’s 100% maintenance free!

It weighs in at 4.3oz. (Depending on the density and size of the HDTP, the weight can vary slightly.)

It’s CNC machined from Solid Billet Aluminum Bar Stock, Not Casted then Machined like all the Yellowish/Goldish buffers on the Market.

It’s Anodized Matte Black and Laser engraved with our Logo.

So you’re probably wondering what’s inside to make this thing so great and different?

Each buffer is filled with HDTP “High Density Tungsten Powder” so there is No reciprocating weights inside to make a lot of noise. It also makes for a Very Smooth cycling rifle.  It eliminates the chance of bolt bounce and muzzle rise in full-auto. It also cuts down on Felt Recoil.  It’s a HUGE upgrade from a Standard Carbine buffer!  It’s designed for .223/5.56 but it works in all Calibers!

After its filled with HDTP it’s topped off with a mil spec bumper!”

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