Well, ever since I purchased my AR-15, I have been using my standard metal 30 round mags.  You know…the old-looking, boring, not-so-cool, metal 30 round mags.  Don’t get me wrong, they work okay, but I wanted something that looked like it belonged on an AR-15 like some Polymer Magazines.  They weigh less than the standard metal ones and also seem to be a bit quieter.

As with most AR-15 owners, my first thought was to go out and get a set of Magpul P-Mags, but I also heard that TAPCO had just released their new GEN II Intrafuse 30 Round Polymer Magazines, which cost less, so I decided to check them out.

Let me start by saying that I am extremely impressed with these Mags.  They look awesome and worked flawlessly at the range.  In the past, some people had complained that the TAPCO Mags fit too tight in the magwell and would not Drop-Free.  This is definitely not an issue anymore.  The updated design has addressed this issue and improved on an already great magazine.  You can tell just by handling them that they are as solid as they come.

They have an upgraded Mil-Spec Spring that is designed to make them quieter and a redesigned Anti-Tilt Follower that helps reduce feed issues by allowing more dirt and grime to pass through and not get all gummed up.

Check out some pics I took below and then head on over to TAPCO’s website (click here) and order a set for yourself.  You won’t be disappointed!

TAPCO Gen II Intrafuse 30 Rd AR15 Magazine 1

TAPCO Gen II Intrafuse 30 Rd AR15 Magazines

TAPCO Gen II Intrafuse 30 Rd AR15 Magazine 2

TAPCO Gen II Intrafuse 30 Rd AR15 Magazine