Product Review – Magpul AFG Angled Fore Grip

AR15news - logoMagpul AFG 1During my never ending search for more stuff to get for my AR-15 their have been few manufacturers that have stood out as much as Magpul.  They have made a commitment to only produce Top Quality, Cutting Edge Tactical Equipment that is made right here in the USA.  All of their products have been designed not because they thought it would look cool but because there was a need for it.  

The Magpul AFG is exactly one of those products.   If you’ve ever spent any time shooting a rifle without any forward grip, you can attest to the fact that the ergonomics of it are not the most comfortable and can cause you to become fatigued very fast.

With the Magpul AFG your hand is able to support the rifle without having to contort and twist your wrist.  Instead, your hand and wrist stay basically in the same line as your arm.  I know, I didn’t realize it was so awkward either until I found the AFG and really studied why it existed.  Using the AFG has definitely helped to give me better control over my rifle and it is much more comfortable.  I purchased my AFG about 3 months ago and can say that it has definitely made a difference for me.

They have two versions to choose from.  The AFG1 is the standard version and the AFG2 is a slightly more compact design to accommodate a wider variety of rail systems, rail covers, and accessory mounts.  Both are only $34.95.  Check them out now at www.Mapul.com.

Below are some pictures of my Magpul AFG1 and some installation pics.

Magpul AFG 1
My Magpul AFG1
Magpul AFG 2
To give you an idea of its size. Not too big, not too small.
Magpul AFG 3
The AFG comes with both Flat and Finger Shelf inserts.
Magpul AFG 4
Just remove two hex screws on the side and the two pieces come apart.
Magpul AFG 5
Not broken, just disassembled. 🙂
Magpul AFG 6
AFG with Finger Shelf installed.
Magpul AFG 7
Side view with Finger Shelf installed.
Magpul AFG 8
To install the AFG, first remove the screw that locks it in place on the rail.
Magpul AFG 9
You'll nee a flathead screw driver to reinstall the screw.
Magpul AFG 10
Slide the AFG onto the rail with the Hand Stop facing forward.
Magpul AFG 11
Once it is in position, insert the screw and tighten.
Magpul AFG 12
My Magpul AFG installed.
Magpul AFG 16
Photo by Teddy Smith; courtesy of Magpul.com