New AR-15 Accessory – Samson Evolution Rail System

AR15news - logoSamson Evolution Tubular Free Float Rail System 1Hey Everyone.  Merry Christmas!

Earlier today I spoke to Scott at Samson Manufacturing about a new product that they are super excited to role out today.  In case you aren’t familiar with them, Samson makes some really nice accessories for AR’s like the Samson Field Survivor tool kit that fits into the grip of your rifle and the Samson Flip Up Front and Rear Sights.  They also make a really nice line of rail systems call the Samson S.T.A.R. rail system.

Well as of today they are selling their brand new Evolution Series Free-Float tubular rail system.  They are not only really cool looking but a very functional and thought out design.  You can add 2″ and 4″ rail sections pretty much wherever you want including 45 degree positions.  Right now they offer a Quick Detach attachment and a 4″ Tube Extension but I’m sure that is just the start.

They are perfectly sized to make them comfortable for a wide range of shooters and are extremely light weight.  The longest version they sell is 15″ yet only weighs in at 13.4 oz.  That’s less than a pound!  I have carbine (6.5″) quad rails that have to weigh at least double that.

One of the nicest features is that it requires absolutely no gunsmithing or special tools to install.  It attaches to your standard AR-15 barrel nut and that’s it.

From the looks of these they are going to be a huge success for Samson.  Definitely go check them out.  Oh did I mention that they are only priced between $149-$199 depending on which length you go with.  Cheaper than you expected aren’t they?

Visit www.Samson-Mfg.com for more information or to order a set for yourself.

Samson Evolution Tubular Free Float Rail System 1Samson Evolution Tubular Free Float Rail System 2

Samson Evolution Tubular Free Float Rail System 3
Tube Extension
Samson Evolution Tubular Free Float Rail System 4
Quick Detach Sling Attachment
Samson Evolution Tubular Free Float Rail System 5
Rail Sections