New Blackheart International Hard Chromed AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group

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Hope your Holidays are going great.  I just received an email from Rob at Blackheart International who make a lot of really high quality upgrade accessories for AR-15’s.  They are just announcing that they are going to offer their Hard-Chromed AR-15 Bolt Carrier Groups from their line of premium Tactical Rifles (BHI-15S, BHI-15SPR and BHI-15 Executive Package)  as a drop-in accessory upgrade for your current AR-15 BCG.  Their is going to be two versions available, the Standard and the National Match version.  The Standard is going to retail for $245.  Not sure on the National Match yet.  I will update this post as soon I find out.  Check out the info below from Blackheart International about these two great BCG’s.  If you need more information you can download the press release .pdf’s HERE.

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Philippi, West Virginia – The same hard-chromed bolt carrier groups featured in Blackheart International’s line of premium BHI-15 semi-auto tactical rifles (BHI-15S, BHI-15 SPR and BHI-15 Executive Package) can now be purchased separately to upgrade your current AR-15. Two versions are offered: BHI Standard AR-15 Hard-Chromed Bolt Carrier Group and the BHI National Match AR-15 Hard-Chromed Bolt Carrier Group.

BHI Standard Hard-Chromed Bolt Carrier Group
BHI Standard Hard-Chromed Bolt Carrier Group

BHI Standard AR-15 Hard-Chromed Bolt Carrier Group: All key components of our bolt carrier group (bolt, cam pin, firing pin and gas key) feature a hard-chromed coating with a slick satin finish. The benefits of this special coating are significant when compared to conventional manganese phosphate-coated components. Our hard-chromed bolt carrier group stays cleaner during use and resists fouling better than conventional bolt carrier groups, thereby maximizing operational performance and mechanical efficiencies, and minimizing the chance of failure. And thanks to the hard, slick finish, these components are easier to clean during routine maintenance and offer enhanced durability and life.  Buy it HERE.

BHI National Match Hard-Chromed Bolt Carrier Group
BHI National Match Hard-Chromed Bolt Carrier Group

BHI National Match AR-15 Hard-Chromed Bolt Carrier Group: This is the same as our AR-15 Hard-Chromed Bolt Carrier Group, but the bolt carrier is designed specifically for National Match competition rifles. It features closer tolerances for more precise bolt lock-up, additional surface area at the front of the carrier, reduced contact surface area behind the gas key, and is 1/2-ounce heavier than our standard unit for more robust performance. Fits AR-15 match rifles.

For more information contact Blackheart International, (304) 457-1280, sales@bhigear.com, www.bhigear.com or www.bhiarms.com.