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AR15news - logoMercob Security PMAG Mag Grip Mag Coupler 3The other day I was snooping around on the internet trying to find something that I haven’t already found so I could share it with all of you and I found it.  It’s called the Mag-Grip and is made by the Mercob Security Group.  Basically, it’s the nicest Mag-Coupler I have seen.

Mag-Couplers clamp two magazines together side-by-side which drastically increases your reload speed.  A lot of the mag-couplers out there are made from a combination of cheap plastic and some metal parts.  Not the Mag-Grip.  It is machined from solid aluminum bar stock and is designed to withstand any abuse you can throw at it.  This design also makes it so the spare mag doesn’t shift or come loose.

They make two different kinds.  One will hold two .223/5.56 USGI magazines (metal Military issued mags).  The other will hold two .223/5.56 Magpul PMAGS.  You can purchase either style from Rainier Arms for just $22.95.  I think I am going to have to get me one of these!

Mercob Security Mag Grip Dual Mag Holder 1

Mag-Grip for USGI magazines

Mercob Security PMAG Mag Grip Mag Coupler 1

Mag-Grip for Magpul PMAG magazines

Mercob Security PMAG Mag Grip Mag Coupler 2

Mercob Security PMAG Mag Grip Mag Coupler 3

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