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New AR-15 Accessory! Centurion Arms C4 Rail System

Posted on January 31st, 2011 by ar15news

AR15news - logoCenturion Arms C4 Rail Handguard 2Hope you all had a great weekend! Mondays always suck so here is something to start your  week off right.  I just received a press release from Monty at Centurion Arms about their new C4 rail system. This thing is really cool looking. I just put a new rail system on my AR-15 and this has me thinking about doing it all over again. The C4 is a 2-piece free float design that gives your rifle a continuous (no gap) 12 o’clock rail which looks really cool.

Most free-floating rail systems utilize their own barrel nut which requires you to either pay a gunsmith to install the rail for you (where’s the fun in that?) or get an armorers wrench and remove your existing barrel nut and install the new one. Not that it’s bad but it is time consuming and some people haven’t had enough experience to just start dismantling their rifle. The Centurion Arms C4 clamps onto the existing barrel nut which makes for an easy install. You can purchase an optional heavy duty barrel nut if desired.

The Centurion C4 Rail is available in 7, 9, 10, and 12-inch lengths and features limited-rotation quick-detach sling swivel mounting cups on both sides, full Mil-Std-1913 compliance, and is compatible with many brands and types of protective covers.

Check out the pics below and then head on over to Centurion Arms to purchase one for yourself!

Centurion Arms C4 Rail Handguard 1

Centurion Arms C4 Rail Handguard 4

Centurion Arms C4 Rail Handguard 5

Centurion Arms C4 Rail Handguard 6

Centurion Arms C4 Rail Handguard 2

Centurion Arms C4 Rail Handguard 7

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