Wilson Combat 10/2 Quick Detach Swivel Attachment

AR15news - logowilson_combat_logoA few weeks ago, Tressa over at Wilson Combat was nice enough to let me check out one of their 10/2 Quick Detach Swivel Attachments.  The 10/2 is a small and inexpensive but very functional QD Swivel Attachment that mounts to any rail section on your rifle.     

A lot of manufacturers are starting to incorporate QD Swivel Attachment points into the design of their rail systems.  Obviously the benefits of this design are there but a lot of us already have a rail system on our rifles.  Not everyone is ready to just drop a couple hundred dollars just to get a stationary QD Swivel attachment.  With the Wilson Combat 10/2 Quick Detach Swivel Attachment you can adjust the location of the QD point to fit your personal needs.

The Wilson Combat 10/2 is fully ambidextrous and is designed to be installed at the 10 o’clock or 2 o’clock position but can also be installed in the 8 o’clock or 4 o’clock giving you a ton of rail realestate for attaching your sling.  It is easily installed in seconds using the included hex bolt and allen wrench. The hex bolt fits into one of the rail slots and locks it in place.

The Wilson Combat 10/2 is machined from machined from steel for maximum durability and then hard coated to resist corrosion.  Despite being a very durable piece, the 10/2 is small enough that you can even mount it on the top rail in front of or in some cases below your optics and you’ll never even know it was there.  I have seen some other rial mounted QD sling attachments but they are much bigger and force you to move your other rial mounted accessories around.  With the 10/2 all you need is one slot on your rail and your good to go.

Once you have the 10/2 mounted on your rifle, you will want to set aside a few minutes to really figure out which location on your rail feels most comfortable for you.   By mounting it in the 10/2 o’clock position, it will keep the weapon slung close to your body instead of allowing it to dangle back and forth away from your body.

So far I have really enjoyed the 10/2 and will look to Wilson Combat for other high quality rifle accessories in the future.  Feel free to check out the pictures below and then check out the Wilson Combat 10/2 QD Sling Attachment at www.WilsonCombat.com.

2 Sling Attachment 2
Wilson Combat 10/2 Sling Attachment (Heavy Duty QD not included)
2 Sling Attachment 4
Rear of 10/2 showing the assembly
2 Sling Attachment 5
Installing in the forward 10 o'clock position
2 Sling Attachment 7
Ready to go!
2 Sling Attachment 8
Wilson Combat 10/2 wth QD attached
2 Sling Attachment 10
Top rail 10 o'clock mount
2 Sling Attachment 11
Mounted in front of my scope
2 Sling Attachment 12
Almost invisible. Definitely not in the way of the optics!

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