556 Tactical – “9/11/01 Never Forget – 5/1/11 We Didn’t” AR-15 Dust Cover

As Americans, there are a few things that have happened in recent history that we will never forget.  In fact most of can tell you exactly where we were and what we were doing when these events happened.  One of those events happened on 9/11/01 when Osama Bin Laden spearheaded an attack on U.S. soil that claimed the lives of nearly 2,800 people.  The next corresponding event happened almost 10 years later on 5/1/11 when Seal Team Six stormed Osama’s compound and exacted some long awaited payback.  For many of us this day gave a sort of closure to finally know he got what was coming to him. 

To commemorate this, 556 Tactical has a really cool AR-15 dust cover for sale on their website.  On the outside it says “9/11/01 NEVER FORGET” and on the inside (the part you see once the dust cover is opened) it says “5/1/11  WE DIDN’T”.  I really like this!  There are a lot of different dust cover engravings available but not many of them give you such a sense of pride that we finally accomplished what was started 10 years ago.

Check out the pictures below and then head on over to 556 Tactical to order yours.

556 Tactical Dust Cover

556 Tactical Dust Cover