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NEW!! Strike Industries Cobra AR-15 Trigger Guard

Posted on June 24th, 2011 by ar15news

Strike Industries has just started shipping their new over-sized Cobra Series Trigger Guards for your AR-15.  At first glance you might think they are just like any other polymer AR-15 trigger guard but then you notice the unique finger shelf and realize these might be really cool.  Think back to the first time you picked up a gun.  All I remember is my Dad saying “Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to pull it.”  It’s good trigger discipline.  The Cobra Series Trigger Guards promote Trigger Discipline by giving you a small shelf to rest your finger on while acquiring the shot.  If the finger rest is not for you, it also comes in the standard design.  The finger shelves are available in either Left, Right or Ambidextrous.  Best part is they come in pairs and only cost $10.50 per pair.  Check out the images and information below, then head on over to Strike Industries to order a set for yourself!


Cobra series trigger guards are designed as direct replacements to the standard AR trigger guard. Our trigger guards feature a deeper angle rather than a straight linear line. This gives the operator more room when wearing gloves and for cold weather environments. Also eliminates the dreaded gap between the pistol grip and trigger guard.

There are four models available, classic, ambidextrous, left only, and right only. Sold in packages of two, package 01 includes both ambidextrous and left only trigger guards. Package 02 includes both straight and right only trigger guards. Our ambidextrous, right only, and left only trigger guards feature our unique finger rests.

Note that the Cobra series trigger guards are non-folding. All mounting hardware included.














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