Product Review – Gerber eFECT AR15/M16/M4 Maintenance Tool

For the past few months I have had the opportunity to get familiar with the Gerber eFECT AR15/M16/M4 maintenance tool.  Today I will share my product review of the Gerber eFect with you.  This review will give you the PRO’s and CON’s of this item without making any know-it-all statements as to whether this product is better or worse than any other product out there.  Hope you enjoy!

The Gerber eFECT (Field Expedient Cleaning Tool) was designed to give you a tool that will aid you in the maintenance and cleaning of your AR15 or any of the many variants of this rifle and it does that job very well.  It comes packed with some very important features that not only make cleaning your rifle a breeze but also helps you do a better job each time.

The eFECT features 6 arms (2 stainless steel and 4 cast) that are either dedicated tools or allow you to attach a number of OTIS cleaning kit components to them.  Each arm, when fully opened, will lock in place and can not be closed until the locking-mechanism on the side is pulled back.

  • Flathead screwdriver for, yup you guessed it, flathead screws.
  • Receiver  pin punch for pushing stuck takedown pins.
  • Carbon scraper for removing carbon from the bolt carrier and receiver.
  • Front sight adjustment tool for both A1 and A2 sights.  Reversable tool held on by a magnetic post.
  • Nylon bristle brush for removing loose particles of dirt or carbon.  This piece is removable to allow for more OTIS attachments.
  • Dental Pick for scraping carbon from those hard to reach places.


With all of these tools there are a lot of things it can do.  My personal favorite feature of this tool was the bolt carrier carbon scraper.  It worked very well.  The magnetic post inside the A2 front sight tool can also come in handy if you’ve dropped a metal object in a tight space.  The body of the eFECT is made of stainless steel with polymer panels to ad comfort while handling the tool.  It’s small size is a huge plus as your maintenance/cleaning kit for the AR15 can get quite large at times.

I guess the only “CON” was that there was no blade.  No matter how many knives you have its always nice to have an extra blade at your disposal but this tool was designed for the specific purpose of cleaning and maintenance of your rifle you can’t fault Gerber for that.

Overall I can say that I this is an excellent tool to add to any cleaning kit for your AR-15.  It’s well built and does exactly what it was designed to do which is why, whether to the range or to the cleaning table, it goes wherever my rifle goes.

Take a few minutes to check out the pictures below and then get one for yourself.  You can buy them from Gerber directly or from Brownells as well.  Retail is $79.95.

Gerber Efect AR15 Tool
Gerber eFECT AR-15 Maintenance Tool


Gerber Efect AR15 Tool 1
Flathead Screwdriver


Gerber Efect AR15 Tool 2
A1 and A2 front sight adjustment tool


Gerber Efect AR15 Tool 3
Punch for stuck receiver pins


Gerber Efect AR15 Tool 4
Dental pick for scraping carbon out of those hard to clean places. You can also use your OTIS cleaning kit attachments.


Gerber Efect AR15 Tool 4a
Who says dental pics are just for cleaning your teeth?


Gerber Efect AR15 Tool 5
The Nylon Bristle Brush (also OTIS compatible) and Carbon Scraper


Gerber Efect AR15 Tool 6
Comes with a Belt or Molle compatible nylon pouch