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NEW!! MGI introduces the Enhanced Reliability Firing System

Posted on June 28th, 2011 by ar15news

Good news for those of you that own a 7.62×39 AR.  MG Industries has just introduced their new Enhanced Reliability Firing Pin & Bolt for 7.62×39 AR’s.  This is definitely welcome news as there have been issues with reliability with 7.62 AR’s for ever.  This product is available for $125 directly from MGI. Check out the press release below for more information!

MGI Enhanced Reliability Firing System

MGI, home of the only, truly  modular semi-auto rifle system in the world today is proud to announce the Enhanced Reliability Firing Pin & Bolt System.

MGI’s new Enhanced Reliability Firing Pin & Bolt were designed to increase detonation reliability when shooting the 7.62×39 round in converted AR-15 style rifles. The MGI Firing Pin & Bolt system closely mimics a true AK 47 firing system for greater reliability and control. In fact, Wolf Performance Ammunition highly recommends using the MGI Firing Pin & Bolt system when firing 7.62×39 ammo.

For many years, shooters have been trying to increase the reliability of their 7.62 AR’s. There have been many attempts ranging from removing metal from the rear of the bolt, or from the flange of the firing pin, in an effort to get more penetration into the harder primers used in many 7.62 type rounds. In truth, the problem was not so much a matter of penetration as a matter of displacing enough mass in the primer to insure detonation.

MGI has combined a harder firing pin with a magnafluxed mil-spec bolt and D-fender D-ring to increase extraction reliability.

The combination of these MGI inventions will increase the firing reliability in the 7.62×39 AR platform.
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