As I’m sure you all have noticed, the sport of 3-Gun Competition Shooting has seen an explosion of popularity over the past few years.  It is such a great sport that showcases the shooters ability to use multiple firearms while on the move through a course trying to shoot all of their targets in the fastest most efficient time.

One of the most integral parts of the competition is the right rifle for the job.  Many shooters choose to go with an AR-15 but as we are all aware of they can become quite heavy depending on the way you build it.  No one wants to lug around a heavy gun and in the sport of 3-Gun every ounce counts.

That’s why LOKI WEAPON SYSTEMS has designed their new LOKI LWSF 3G Competition Model.  Its an extremely lightweight AR offered in four different chambers (.223 Wylde, 6.5 Grendel, .300 BLK or .458 Socom).  If you are looking for a new 3-Gun Rifle, this is definitely one to consider!  Check out their press release below.  Don’t forget you can also follow LOKI WEAPONS SYSTEMS on Facebook too.

The LOKI Weapon Systems 3G rifle is a fresh design on the tactical competition rifle.  It is light and agile at only 6.5lbs.  The rifle is built around the upper and lower 7075T6 aluminum billet receivers which have wider mating surfaces and are a matched set to ensure a solid base.  The lower has several features including a built-in winter trigger guard, a thicker front strap, perfect for support wedging and a XL magazine well for faster insertions.  The upper receiver has thick rigid walls for increased accuracy and reliability.

Our gunsmiths assemble the lower with a Geissele SSA trigger and a lightened buffer.  The upper assembled with nickel boron coated bolt carrier group and charging handle to ensure reliable operation even without lubrication.  The rifle’s balance makes it feel much lighter than it is, due to the double fluted 18” barrel and 15” carbon fiber hand guard.  The perceived recoil and muzzle rise are much less with the Nordic brake and adjustable gas system.

The LOKI 3G rifle offers great accuracy and rapid sight recovery.  The 3G is light and well balanced for maneuverability and target acquisition.   LOKI rifles are built for the win.


  • Barrel:  18″ Stainless double fluted 1:8 twist 223 Wylde chamber barrel with M4 extension
  • Trigger:  Geissele SSA 2 stage trigger
  • NiB coated Bolt Carrier Group
  • M4 Billet flat top Upper
  • CNC Milled Billet 7075T6 Upper and Lower receiver
  • Mode of Operation:  Adjustable Gas Direct Impingement
  • Overall Length and Weight:  37.5 inches and 6.5 lbs.
  • 15” Vented Carbon Fiber handguard
  • Muzzle:  Nordic Corevette comp
  • VLTOR Rifle Modstock
  • Ergo™ pistol grip
  • Lightened Buffer
  • XL Magwell
  • 30 round PMAG™
  • Life Time LOKI Limited Warranty





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