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Wilson Combat, one of my personal favorites, just released 3 new versions of their very popular Accu-Rizer Scope Mount.  The Accu-Rizer is a one piece scope mount with a spring loaded steel locking plate and quick detach triangle wheel that allows you to detach and re-attach your scope with the least “Loss of Zero” possible.  I use the original Accu-Rizer on my rifle now and love it.  They now have two new models for use with the Trijicon ACOG (short base and long base) and one new model for use with the Night Optics D740.  Check out the details and pictures below. 

Our Accu-Rizer AR flattop scope mount is machined from Aluminum bar stock and hard-anodized to withstand years of service on your tactical AR type rifle.

    • Quick Detach Triangle Screw for Easy Attachment/Detachment in the Field

    • Spring Loaded Steel Locking Plate Ensure Repeatable Accuracy

The triangle quick detach screw and spring loaded, steel locking plate allow the Accu-Rizer to be easily removed in the field by hand with a minimal loss of zero. All these features add up to an extremely versatile mount, crafted with Wilson’s legendary attention to detail.

**Click on the images to view the item on Wilson Combat’s website.**

Wilson Combat Accu-Rizer - Trijicon ACOG Short Base


Wilson Combat Accu-Rizer - Trijicon ACOG Short Base

Wilson Combat Accu-Rizer - Trijicon ACOG Long Base


Wilson Combat Accu-Rizer - Trijicon ACOG Long Base

Wilson Combat Accu-Rizer - Night Optics D740


Wilson Combat Accu-Rizer - Night Optics D740


If you are looking for a high quality scope mount for your AR-15  you’ll have a hard time finding anything quite as nice as the Wilson Combat Accu-Rizer. 

These 3 Accu-Rizer Scope Mounts and many more high end AR-15 accessories can be purchased online at






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