ECHO NiNER “Tactical” Camera Strap

This is a little off topic from my usual AR-15 Accessory posts but with the popularity of the Shooting Sports continuing to rise, more and more people are shooting their camera’s just as much as their weapons.  ECHO NiNER has been producing the E9 Camera Strap for about 2 years now but only recently started to market them.  The E9 Camera Strap is kind of like a Tactical Sling for your camera.  It comes in the standard Black, Coyote and Multicam colors and has some very unique features that make it a worthwhile upgrade over your standard Neck Strap that came with your camera.  

The E9 Camera Strap features a rubberized grip surface on the underside that helps the camera stay in place.  I’m an avid photographer and can tell you from experience that this was one area I always wished was better on my personal Camera Straps, especially once my neck starts to get sweaty.  After a few hours the leather on my current strap started to actually break up and leave little black pieces on my neck so I always wear it inside out.

Many photographers will have more than one camera to shoot with depending on the situations.  That’s why the E9 also has two quick release buckles that allow you to detach the strap from one camera and attach to another one in seconds.  You can also convert the E9 Strap into a hand strap for when shooting with a strap around your neck isn’t exactly optimal. 

As you can tell the functions of the E9 were very well thought out.  It helps that it was designed by a real life Combat Photographer.  Whether you use a Point&Shoot style camera or a full blown DSLR the E9 Camera is definitely something to consider when buying some upgrades.  Check out the rest of the info and pics listed below.  

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Built with durable military-grade, sling webbing, this functional Camera Strap uses an innovative inner-grip management material to keep your camera securely in place. Rapid release buckles give you the ability to quickly detach your camera with ease and agility. In addition, the Camera Strap can convert to a hand strap, enhancing your options to suit any situation.

–  1.25″ heavy nylon sling webbing

–  Rubberized grip material

–  DuraFlex Fasteners

–  MilSpec 5-50 Parachute Cord

–  Quick Release Design System w/ Optional Hand Strap Configuration

–  Single Pull One Point Adjusting System

–  32″ – 43″ Adjustable Length

The E9 Camera Strap costs $32 for Black / Coyote or $35 for MultiCam and can be purchased online at ENine.com