NEW!! Huldra Mark IV Tactical EVO 14.5 Rifle – Great Deal!!

If you’re looking for a new rifle that is chocked full of awesome features WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK you’ve got to check out the NEW Huldra Mark IV Tactical EVO 14.5 Rifle.  The Mark IV Tactical EVO 14.5 is a piston driven AR chambered in 5.56 NATO that is absolutely ready to go right out of the box including one of the nicest handguards available on the market.  Just pick out the BUIS or Optics of your choice and you’ve got a rifle to be proud of.  I personally think this would be a great rifle for anyone looking to get into competitions such as 3-Gun, etc.  Check out the details and pics below!  

The Huldra Mark IV Tactical EVO features the Samson Evolution Series Free Float forearm that extends along the sides and bottom of the gas block. Two accessory rails come standard with the rifle and can be reconfigured easily to adapt the hand guard to your needs and can also be mounted at 45 degree offsets. The ergonomics of this rail set a new standard. The anti-rotational tabs make this handguard all the more impressive by virtually eliminating the possibility of the rail losing alignment even under hard use. And the QD sling mount that is included just makes this package that much more outstanding.

The Adams Arms piston system is one piece and is accessible from the front of the piston block. Iron sight optics (not included) are designed to be affixed to the sturdy piston block which is attached to the barrel, as opposed to attaching front sights to our competitor’s inherently flexible rails that have to be frequently removed and reattached. The Adams Arms patented piston system will run cleaner, cooler, and longer. The piston system parts and the barrel have been treated with our salt nitride meloniting process making them incredibly hard.

The Magpul CTR butt stock is designed for light, fast action. The CTR features a supplemental friction lock system that minimizes excessive stock movement for enhanced weapon stability and an ambidextrous QD sling mount. A standard rubber butt pad provides positive shoulder purchase to prevent slippage, even with body armor or modular gear. The Ergo Grip is solid and comfortable.

The Melonited corrosive resistant Chrome/Molly/Vanadium 41/50 barrel provides excellent coating uniformity and no tolerance build up in the barrel to create deviation. Our melonited barrels have higher lubricity, last longer and are just plain tougher than chrome lining. The barrel chambers are speed polished reducing resistance on the cartridge entering and exiting the chamber. The upper and lower receiver is machined from high quality mil-spec 70/75-T6 aluminum forgings and hard coat finished. The mil-spec buffer tube is precision machined from 70/75-T6 aluminum as well. The magwell front features recessed Chevrons for improved control.

What really sets this rifle apart is the size of the barrel. It is 14.5 inches. We have permanently affixed an elongated flash hider to give you the benefits of a shorter barrel, without the expense and hassle of obtaining an ATF tax stamp. Not only that, our flash hider is “reduced radius”, allowing a gunsmith or armorer to remove the piston block for servicing the weapon. The elongated, reduced radius, permanently attached muzzle device gives you the legally required overall barrel length.



Caliber: 5.56×45
Chamber: 5.56 NATO
Barrel Length: 14.5″ – Permanently Affixed
Flash Hider
Barrel Twist: 1:7 Right Hand M4 Feed Ramps
Barrel Profile: Government Contour
Barrel Material: CrMoV 4150
Barrel Coating: Melonite
Barrel Lining: Melonite
Upper Receiver: Dry Film Lubed – T Marked
Gas Piston System: Mid-Length
Trigger: Single Stage
Stock: Magpul CTR (Compact/Type
Restricted) Mil-Spec
Fore Arm: Samson Evolution Series
6061 T6 Aluminum
Mil-Spec Hardcoat Anodized
Flash Hider: Reduced Radius
Elongated Flash Hider
Overall Length Retracted: 31-1/4″
Overall Length Extended: 34-1/3″
Overall Weight: 6.6 lbs.
Overall Weight With
Detachable Rails:
6.8 lbs.
100 Meter Accuracy: 1 MOA

Magazine and Soft Sided Tactical Case Included

The Huldra Mark IV Tactical EVO 14.5 Rifle can be purchased for just $1,349 online at HuldraArms.com!