30% Price Reduction!! TacStrike Single, Double and Triple Stake-In Carriers

TacStrike is continuing to see rapid growth and success with their target systems, particularly their 1/4 scale steel targets.  With all of the Government, Law Enforcement and Military orders they are able to produce more products in bulk thus reducing labor costs.  Instead of just holding onto that additional profit as many other companies would do, TacStrike decided to reduce the price on many of their products starting with the Single, Double and Triple Stake-In Target Carriers.  Be on the look out for additional discounts on the CPaSS and Arch Frame Carriers too.  If you own your own range or just want some awesome target carriers for your personal backyard range, these Stake-In Carriers will do the job.  Rob was able to get the prices down by almost 1/3 which gets them in a fantastic price point.  Check out all of the pics and details below. 

Single Stake-in Target Carrier
Single Stake-in Target Carrier

Not every range is a manicured green with concrete walkways and TacStrike is here to help your shooting excursions run smoother.  For use on dedicated range facilities and remote locations the stake in target carriers are sturdy enough to use by agencies on a daily basis or left in place for many years with no needed maintenance.

The Stake In design eliminates the need for sandbags or spikes to secure individual target carriers against the wind.  The carrier can be fitted with any length of 2″ x 2″ vertical allowing target placement low to the ground or elevated to clear environmental obstacles on a long range facility.

Available in single, double, and triple position designs.

Single price after reduction:  $55

Double price after reduction:  $75

Triple price after reduction:  $99

Used for handgun, rifle, shotgun, subgun training the Stake In Target Bases allow the trainer/shooter many more options than a standard target base.

100% steel materials and built in the USA.  TacStrike Targets are striving to be the industry standard so buy with confidence that we will be there when you need us.

$25.00 shipping surcharge on the double and triple carriers

You can purchase any of these products online at TacStrike.com!

Double Stake-in Target Carrier
Double Stake-in Target Carrier
Triple Stake-in Target Carrier
Triple Stake-in Target Carrier