$50 Well Spent!! 556 Tactical Stryker Comp – Review

556 Tactical Logo NEWEvery so often I get to do a review or two on a new piece of gear but I rarely get to do a review on a compensator.  I think that some of that comes from the lack of new compensators on the market and also partly the fact that some companies will say how awesome their compensator is when it really isn’t, it just looks cool.  Your standard AR-15 will come with a basic Birdcage Flash Hider which does just that, it reduces flash.  It doesn’t however do much to reduce muzzle climb or recoil which is why manufacturers started to produce muzzle devices that will “compensate” for those issues.  While the AR-15 isn’t known for having a ton of recoil, even the slightest recoil or muzzle climb can throw you off target and dramatically slow down your follow up shots.  I recently had the chance to review the really awesome looking 556 Tactical Stryker Comp, but I quickly realized it isn’t just a pretty face.  I will give you my findings and some pictures below.  

When I think of the perfect comp, I don’t think of this beast that totally forces the muzzle of my rifle down with every shot.  A comp should HELP me control the muzzle climb instead of over doing it.  Not too much vertical or side blast but just enough of the blast being redirected to help.  I’ve shot lots of different brakes, comps, flash hiders, etc and some are great but most are just okay.  The 556 Tactical Stryker Comp for .223/5.56 is in the great category and the reasons are very simple.  It looks great, IT WORKS and its affordable!

From the initial pictures I saw of the Stryker Comp I wasn’t too sure about the looks of it.  The comp was all alone in the picture and it appeared to be rather large.  When the package came in the mail I was pleasantly surprised by how compact it was.  It measures in at just under 2 inches long and is close to the same size as the barrel diameter.  The ports on the side of the Stryker Comp remind me of the gills of a Shark and its got some pretty nasty teeth too.  The teeth up front would be great for busting out a car window or as a “move along” poker but I didn’t need to use it for that at all.  

556 Tactical Stryker Comp 1

In my review I compared the Stryker to the standard A2 Birdcage Flash Hider.  With the Stryker Comp installed you immediately notice that its easier to control the muzzle climb and keep the rifle on target for faster target acquisition and followup shots.  I’m no scientific instrument but you can definitely feel the difference.  As you’ll see in the pictures below, it utilizes 3 ports on the top left and 3 ports on the top right of the comp to control muzzle rise and a total of 6 small ports on the front face of the comp to minimize the side blast.  The ports on the top/sides seemed to be a very effective way of redirecting the blast.  Again this is not an overpowering blast that you are trying to control but one that makes your job easier. 

556 Tactical Stryker Comp 5

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For those who don’t think this is important, think of most situations where you might need fast target acquisition and followup shots.  You’re typically not going to be shooting at a paper target from 100 yards away.  You would typically be in a self defense situation where you need to drive your rifle towards the center of your target as fast as you can to make sure that threat is eliminated.  You don’t need your rifle fighting against you but need it to do what you tell it to. 

Almost as important as anything else is that the 556 Tactical Stryker Comp is very affordable.  Why would I care how well something performs if I can’t afford to buy it for my rifle?  It seems like if you are looking for a decent Flash Hider the cheaper they are the better they perform but that’s typically just the opposite when it comes to looking for a good Comp.  Luckily the Stryker Comp is just $49.95, its work like a champ and they’re in-stock.  If you’ve been looking for a great comp to upgrade your rifle with…like the title of this review says…it’s $50 Well Spent!  You can purchase the Stryker Comp for yourself at 556Tactical.com.