NEW!! Awesome Hydro Dipped Magpul Gear On SexyWeapon.com

Sexy Weapon LogoHave you ever envied those guys with their gun all coated in Multicam or some other pattern?  Well, as I do most every day I happened to be searching for new and interesting products to share with you guys.  That’s when I stumbled across SexyWeapon.com and their Hydro Dipped Magpul Gear.  Hydro Dipping is a process where a pattern is transferred to another object while its submerged in water.   With SexyWeapon.com there’s no more sending in your gear to have it Hydro Dipped so your weapon is inoperable for weeks at a time (unless you have spare parts).  No more trying to do this yourself at home only to screw it up and have to start all over.  Now you can go right on SexyWeapon.com and buy all of your parts from them.  You just pic whether you want Multicam, Desert Digital or Reaper Black Hydro Dip pattern (A-TACS AU coming soon), choose the parts you want and click buy.  Most of the parts are already in-stock but if they’re not it usually ships within 2 weeks.  They carry everything from the less expensive Magpul MOE Trigger Guards, Grips and Handguards all the way up to the more expensive stuff like the Magpul UBR stock shown in the picture below in Multicam.  No need to worry, if you don’t want Magpul gear or want your existing setup coated, you can send them your items.  Pricing is listed in their “Custom Shop” tab. 

Magpul UBR Multicam SexyWeapon 1

Magpul MOE Kit Desert Digital SexyWeapon 1

Magpul MOE Kit Reaper Black SexyWeapon

You can check out all of the sweet Hydro Dipped Magpul kits over at SexyWeapon.com.  Keep in mind the prices you see include the part and the cost of the Hydro Dip.

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