PNW Arms – Brand New Website & New Partnership With AR15NEWS.com

PNW Arms LogoOver the past few weeks we’ve been getting you guys on a first name basis with PNW Arms in anticipation of the unveiling of their brand new website.  The time has finally come and their awesome looking, media infused, new website is up and running.  This is a very exciting time as it marks the beginning of their major push into the civilian market of ammunition sales.  This is in stark contrast to the history of PNW Arms as up until recently they only supplied high quality ammunition for specialized customers both here in the US and around the world. 

They’ve separated the website into two parts.  The main PNWArms.com site will be more of an informational site designed to explain the “Weapons Science” that goes into all PNW Arms ammunition and bring you lots of video and pictures that will be updated at least a couple of times per week.  Believe me, you’ll definitely want to come back for more!!

PWN Arms.com

The second part of the website is the Store which is located at Store.PNWArms.com.  Here you’ll be able to purchase the ammo you just learned so much about on the other side of the website.  One of the coolest features of the store is their “Class Ammunition” tab.  Lets say you are going to be attending the Costa Ludus Carbine Employment Class next month out in Gainseville, TX.  You can order the required ammo directly from PNW Arms and have it delivered to the course so it will be waiting for you when you arrive.  Now that is awesome!!  PNW Arms has already stated that they  will be bringing more and more ammunition to the civilian market beginning with this fall, Cold Tracer will be available for purchase in pretty much any caliber you can think of.  Also be on the look out for their enhanced 5.56 ammunition.  It’ll blow the doors off any 5.56 ammo you’ve tried to date. 

We are also really excited to announce to you guys the official partnership between PNW Arms and AR15NEWS.com.  As you’ve seen with our introduction of Cold Tracer and the Worlds First Supercavitating Underwater Bullet, the partnership between PNW Arms and AR15NEWS.com will allow us to introduce you to the amazing ammunition that PNW Arms has been supplying to their specialized clients all over the world including some sneak peeks at stuff that has never been seen before.  We’ll keep you up to speed about any new products from PNW Arms and as always, we’ll even help you guys win some ammunition too! 

As fans and readers of AR15NEWS.com I would appreciate your help in welcoming and supporting PNW Arms as they will definitely give you a warm welcome into their family and support your ammunition needs!  Aside from the usual AR15NEWS.com website and Facebook page there are 2 other ways you can stay up to speed with PNW Arms.  1.) You can “LIKE” PNW Arms on Facebook.  2.) You can frequent their new website at PNWArms.com.