Sneak Peek!! AR-15 Rifle Grip By Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group

Umbrella Corp logoThe Umbrella Corporation (also know as Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group) is gearing up for a very soon release of their new Rifle Grip and Operator Grip for the AR-15.  The Defense Marketing Group is really helping get the word out there for them and has released a few pics of the Rifle Grip.  The Rifle Grip has more of a vertical angle than a standard AR-15 grip (comparison below) and is closer in relation to the angle of a 1911.  This grip may look familiar to you and that’s for good reason.  The Grip Design itself comes from the minds at UCWRG but they enlisted the help of Magpul Design Group due to their extensive experience with polymers so you can see the influence here in the final appearance.  The development of this grip started back in 2007 during which time Magpul also started designing the Magpul MOE Grip as well.  According to UCWRG the grip will have a similar texture to the Magpul K grip but lends itself to user customization through stippling or rubber sleeve, etc.  More details such as pricing, release date and specifics on what sets this grip apart will be coming soon.  For now check out the pics and info below.   

Umbrella Corp WRG Rifle Grip 1a

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Rifle Grip

Development started in 2007 with the idea to create a more vertical grip for the AR-15 platform, reducing wrist fatigue of the Operator while encouraging a more natural “elbows down” shooting posture.  Magpul Design Group was consulted to exploit their knowledge, experience, and expertise of advanced polymers/plastics.  Several prototypes were fielded and tested with the superior design chosen for production.  Umbrella Corporation AR-15 Rifle Grips are made to the finest standards and carry an unconditional guarantee against material defect and manufacturing failure.  Installation by a qualified Armorer is required.


–   Manufactured from premium DuPont Super Tough technology polymers

–   Smooth surface for Operator customization, texturing, or rubber grip sleeve

–   Advanced design, heat and impact resistant

–   Drop-in replacement for AR-15 platform rifle grip

–   Increased Vertical grip angle with extended tang for improved ergonomics and proper trigger index

–   Mil-Spec 51958 passivated Stainless Steel ¼-28 pan head #3 Phillips Screw

–   Available in Black, FDE, OD Green

–   All tooling, dies, screws, packaging, and material made in the USA

You can keep an eye on their website UCWRG.com but the best way to stay in the know is by liking the Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group Facebook page.