War Sport Ind – Signature Series Complete Lower Receiver – Limited Edition Run of 15

War Sport logo 2War Sport Industries has released a limited edition run of their new Signature Series Complete Lower Receivers.  Some companies will say Limited Edition but it will be 1 out of say 2,000.  War Sport Industries understands the meaning of limited edition and will be selling only a total of 15 Signature Series Complete Lowers.  That’s  a real limited edition.  The lowers are hand assembled using only parts that they have been testing and feel comfortable putting their name behind.  These parts consist of a Geissele SSA-E Trigger, Battle Arms Development 45 Degree Short Throw Selector, Vltor Buffer, Spikes Buffer and a War Sport / Legion Firearms Lower that is made by Mega Arms and colored to your choice.  It also features the War Sport Industries “MIAD Mix-up” grip, Magpul CTR Stock and a few other nice touches (see below).  I added up the prices for all of these components and from what I see this is a killer deal if you looking for a high end lower.  Check out the details, pics and pricing below.   

War Sport Signature Series Lower 1

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The War Sport Edition LF-15 is available as a Limited release! There will be ONLY “15” Lowers for sale. The S/N’s will begin at “15”.

We are excited to offer our first “Signature Series” release. At War Sport we have selected components and processes that have been tested in our lab/shop and ranges. Some of our Industry partners have been running our lowers and upper builds exceeding 8,000 – 10,000 rounds and still rocking. If you need a reference we will be glad to send contact information.

The Lower highlights include the B.A.D. 45-degree Ambi Short Throw Fire/Safety controls, Ambi Magizine Release and our MIAD “Mix-Up” grip option. Also featured will be your choice of Color and Buffer weight. (See selection drop down tool).



 – Semi-Auto, Complete Lower w/Upper Tension Screw and Gator Grip

 – Moly Resin Coating (See Color Choice)

 – Billet Mag Release Button

 – Ambi Mag Release

 – Ambi Fire/Safety Controls (B.A.D. 45-deg, Short Throw)

 – Geissele SSA-E Trigger

 – VLTOR MilSpec Buffer Tube w/ASAP Ambi Sling attachment

 – Anti Trigger/Hammer Pin Rotation Kit

 – Enhaced Trigger Guard

 – Precision and Tuned Buffer Spring

 – T1 or T2 Buffer (See Options)

 – Magpul CTR MilSpec Buttstock (Color matched based on lower color choice)

From the numbers I crunched, this lower should retail for closer to $850-900 and that’s without taking into consideration labor cost and the fact that its a limited edition.  These are available for purchase on WarSport-US.net for just $749.50.