NEW!! Midwest Industries Gen2 T-Series One Piece Freefloat Rail

midwest industries logoaAs many of you already know I’m a huge fan of the T-Series Quad Rails from Midwest Industries.  I personally own multiple lengths of the Gen1 and have always been more than happy with their quality, light weight, strength and value.  I started out with the T-7 which is a carbine length rail and was so impressed that I ordered a T15 and a MI micro gas block so I could get my hands further out towards the muzzle of the gun.  Of course you can imagine how excited I was earlier today when I saw that they released their Gen2 version of the T-Series Quad Rail starting with the 7, 9, and 12 inch lengths with the 10 and 15 inch lengths coming soon.  Available in Black or FDE.  Check out the details and pics  of the awesome new quad rail below.  

Midwest Industries Gen2 T Series

First thing I noticed is that it looks quite a bit different than the previous model and I really like the changes that they’ve made (see images below for comparison).  The new T-Series Quad Rails now incorporate Front and Rear QD Sling Mounts on either side of the rail.  I also noticed that they adjusted the dimensions of the rail system.  The Gen1 is basically more of a larger tube with kind of low profile 1913 rails.  The tube portion of the Gen2 appears to be slimmer than the Gen1 which gives you a bit more breathing room and increased compatibility for items like offset light mounts, rail mounted grips, different tape switch mounting options, etc.  This also gave MI the ability to machine in the smaller holes at the top and bottom for increased ventilation.  The last thing I noticed is that they did away with their proprietary threaded barrel nut and jam ring mounting setup.  They are now using a standard barrel nut that the rail clamps onto, tightens with two screws and has anti-rotation tabs.  Gotta say, they read my mind.  This is exactly what I would have said they needed to change about the Gen1 T-Series.  Great job MI!!  I just might have found the rail for my next build. 

Midwest Industries Gen2 T Series 2

Midwest Industries Gen1 t series 9in
Midwest Industries **Gen1** T-Series 9in for comparison.

The brand new Midwest Industries Gen2 T-Series Quad Rails are available for purchase at MidwestIndustriesInc.com.