INFORCE logo2INFORCE has been a great friend of AR15NEWS.com for some time now and I have grown very fond of their products.  Currently they offer quite a few handheld flashlights and the WML which stands for Weapon Mounted Light.  A while back INFORCE had asked “What would you like to see next from INFORCE?”  My answer was “A Pistol Light!” but being one step ahead of the game as they usually are they were already working on a Pistol Light so I can’t take any credit here.  I’ve been hounding my buddy at INFORCE for the last….I guess 4-5 months about the Pistol Light and then all of the sudden….it appears.  A picture of the fabled INFORCE Pistol Light.  Now I knew it was real!!  LoL!  The following pic was taken at the Maneuver Conference where INFORCE was showing off their new baby. 

INFORCE Pistol Light 2

Now the following information is not “Official” but is from a pretty credible source.  The unofficial lumen number I was told is pretty impressive and means the INFORCE Pistol Light will produce a blinding white light from just one CR123.  Official Lumen numbers will be announced soon.  It will only weigh in at 2.83 ounces including the battery making it even lighter than their WML which is a feat in and of itself.  Unfortunately I don’t have any pricing for the INFORCE Pistol Light yet but based on their other products the “Bang for Your Buck” factor will be extremely high.  There are a few ways you can keep up with what’s going on at INFORCE.  First, you can “LIKE” them on Facebook.  Second, you can check out their website INFORCE-MIL.com.  Third, as always, you can count on us to bring you any news regarding new product from INFORCE.

**For those of you saying “Hey, this isn’t an AR-15 accessory.”  I 100% plan on putting one of these bad boys on an AR.  Would work great on an IWC Radial Universal Light mount.  However, I’m sure it will see more time on one of my handguns.  Just saying!  :)**