NEW!! Stark Equipment MultiCam Grips

Stark Equipment Logo 2It had been quite a while since I had heard about any new stuff coming from Stark Equipment but I’m happy to here that hey have just introduced MultiCam as another color option when purchasing any of their grips.  Stark Equipment currently offers 4 different grips which are the SE-1 (Standard AR-15 Grip), SE-2 (AR-15 Grip with sling attachment options), SE-3 Vertical Grip and SE-4 Vertical Grip with light switch pocket.  Now your choices include Black, Earth, Green and MultiCam.  Ever since I saw Chris Costa’s completely MulitCam’d rifle I’ve wanted MultiCam stuff on my rifle.  It just looks awesome.   

Stark Equipment Multicam Grips 5

The MultiCam comes with an additional $10 charge which is really nothing when you take into consideration what many other companies would charge you if you sent it in to have it coated.  I always hear people say that the looks of the SE grips have held sales back or that they are not attractive.  I’ll give you that they’re are unique looking but I’ve personally always been a fan of the looks.  I like how the Winter Trigger Guard is built in and totally does away with the trigger guard roll pin.  Regardless of whether or not you like the looks, the ergonomics are what matter the most and these grips have it.  These are definitely worth giving a look the next time you’re in the market for a new grip…like today!  I’m always in the market for new stuff.

Stark Equipment Multicam Grips 1

The Stark Equipment Grips in MultiCam and all other colors are available for purchase at StarkEquipment.com.

You can and should also follow Stark Equipment on Facebook.