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IO Cover: One-handed, Built-in Lens Caps for Micro Optics

Posted on September 26th, 2012 by ar15news

This KickStarter project got a lot of press a few weeks back and now that its started to die down I figured it would be a good time for me to share and stir it back up again.  The idea is pretty awesome.  Basically they are creating a Urethane protective cover with built-in lens caps for Micro Optics (in other words the Aimpoint Micro) that will be available in multiple colors.  The cool part is that you can help this guy realize his dreams by sponsoring his IO Cover KickStarter project.  There are many different levels of sponsorship and most of them (starting at $25) earn you at least one IO Cover but the more you sponsor the cooler the benefits.   I can tell you that I personally don’t care for the little bikini covers that came with my Aimpoint T-1.  They seem like they’re ready to fall apart and they’re easy to forget somewhere if you take them off.  Most people, including myself, end up pulling them down around the lower part of the mount when in use but its just kind of annoying to deal with.  I would totally be down for purchasing one of these so lets hope they can make their funding goal.  Check out the video and pics of the IO Cover below, then head on over to the IO Cover KickStarter page and get in on the action.  Right now it looks like they are just less than half way to their goal.


Why IO Cover?

Some people don’t get to pack it up and go home when the weather turns bad.  Keep your lenses clear of rain, sand or mud; so you can use your micro optic in less than perfect conditions.  As well as protecting your lenses from the elements, IO Cover also lets you add color to your micro optic without having to mess with paint.  Everything is designed to work with one hand (left or right) using gross movements, even when wearing gloves.  There’s nothing small to fiddle with.  Just press the lens caps on.  Swipe them open using the big tabs (revision #3).  Snap them together.  Twist them apart.

IO Cover 1

IO Cover 1

IO Cover 1

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