NEW!! Tactical Link Announces Cerakote FDE & Foliage Green EBAL

I’ve been using the Tactical Link EBAL (Enhanced Battery Assist Lever) for well over a year now and it is by far the finest “Clamp-On” style Batter Assist Lever I’ve used to date and I’ve used pretty much every one out there. They were not just given to me as you might have assumed. The fact is, I like these enough that I purchased multiple ones to put on almost all of my guns. The quality and fit/finish is top notch, overall design just seems very well thought out and the fact that it is secured with 3 screws instead of just one or two gives me the confidence that its not falling off if one of the screws back out.

9-30-12 BAD Cent IWC Rain B5 Ben2

I heard a few weeks ago that they were going to be releasing two additional colors of the EBAL and now they are available for purchase. The EBAL’s will be Cerakoted in your choice of FDE (Flat Dark Earth) or Foliage Green. These colors were specially formulated to match Magpul’s FDE and Foliage Green so it will tie in with your other components. Right now you can pick up a Tactical Link Enhanced Battery Assist Lever for just $29.95 with FREE SHIPPING but that ends September 30th. Head on over to TacticalLink.com and Get Some!!

Tactical Link EBAL Colors