INFORCE APL (Auto Pistol Light) Details and Specs

INFORCE logo2Last month we gave you guys a sneak peek at the new APL from INFORCE which is something we’ve been patiently waiting for ever since we first got our hands on the super popular WML.  When we showed you guys the first pics of the APL (Auto Pistol Light) last month we had some idea of the performance of the APL but were asked to not state anything just yet as these details weren’t official.  Now we know that was a smart thing as they are even more impressive that originally thought.  The APL will give the user 200 Lumens of blinding white light and will feature momentary and constant on modes which will be selected by ambidextrous paddles.  Delivery should be sometime later this month.  I will have more pictures of the APL later today.  Read the rest of the press release below. 

INFORCE Pistol Light 2

INFORCE Pistol Light 3