NEW!! ERGO Slim-Line Rail Covers

ERGO Grips LogoERGO just announced a new style of rail covers for 1913 Picatiny Rails called Slim-Line Rail Covers.  The ERGO Slim-Line Rail Covers are designed to be as low-profile as possible while completely covering the rail itself.  This will give the shooter a comfortable grip without adding a ton of bulk to the rail.  These look very similar in construction to the Ladder Rail Covers that ERGO makes for Magpul.  These will come in a 3-pack of 18 Slot covers.  Should be enough to completely cover 3 sides of a carbine length rail or cut to mount around other accessories already attached to your rail system.  Check them out!

ERGO Slim-Line Low Profile Rail Covers 1

ERGO Slim-Line Low Profile Rail Covers 1

Ergo Grip Slim-Line rail covers are designed to fully cover Picatinny rails with the lowest, easiest-to-grip profile possible

• Protects Picatinny rails from damage

• Prevents damage to gear, clothing, vehicle interiors, etc

• Molded in Santoprene to provide a low profile, non-slip surface for improved grip

• Easily trimmed for custom fitting

• Patent #6,725,594

• Black

• Made in U.S.A.  Small Made in USA flag

The ERGO Grips Slim-Line Rail Covers can be purchased online at ERGOGrips.net