NEW!! SFG-1 Short Vertical Grip from GG&G

ggg_logoIts been a while since I posted about any new AR-15 accessories from GG&G so it was nice to see this new grip pop up on my radar.  GG&G just announced a brand new Vertical Fore Grip called the SFG-1 Short Vertical Grip.  I think you can figure out that it is a “Short Vertical Grip” as the name indicates.  The SFG-1 is made of lightweight polymer and is designed to mount to a 1913 picatiny rail system.  It also has a small storage compartment which will presumably fit something the size of a CR123 battery in it.  Best of all the SFG-1, like all GG&G products, is MADE IN THE USA!!  Check out the pics and details below.   

GGandG Short-Vert-Grip-2012-2

A vertical grip for the AR-15 and M-16 has become a valued tactical accessory in military, law enforcement and civilian arenas. It provides the operator with several important advantages, from diminishing muzzle climb during burst-fire sequences to simply offering a more comfortable shooting stance. The Short Vertical Grip like the GG&G SFG-1 has become a very popular alternative to our popular Standard Length Vertical Grip.

SFG-1 Short Vertical Grip Technical Specifications

–   Low profile ergonomic design without sacrificing functionality.

–   Perfect for keeping CQB style weapons as compact as possible.

–   Designed for use with mil-spec-1913 rails.

–   Ideal for M4 carbines and breeching shotguns.

–   Excellent for use as a ” reference point ” or for the ” thumb-break ” style of shooting.

–   Provides for a comfortable, secure grasp for outstanding recoil control and ultra fast pointability.

–   No tools required for installation or adjustment in the field.

–   Manufactured from solid black Acetal cold polymer for durability and low heat absorption.

–   Alignment window to aid in installation.

–   Lightweight at only 2.8oz.

–   3 3/16 inches long.

The new GG&G SFG-1 Short Vertical Grip can be purchased at GGGAZ.com.