NEW!! 556 Tactical Evolution Modular Rail System

556 Tactical Logo NEWA while back I gave you guys a sneak peek at the, at that time, coming soon 556 Tactical Modular Rail System.  Well the owner of 556 Tactical just happens to be a good buddy of mine so I offered to do the photos for his website once the product was available for purchase.  Actually, I just wanted to get the pics and info to you guys first but we wont tell him that.  LoL!  I spent the last 24 hours snapping pics and ended up with a few good ones but the best part was actually getting my hands on the new modular rail system.  Basically this is a new take on the very popular Evolution rail system made by Samson Manufacturing so it looks sort of familiar but with a very cool new design.  This was my first time installing an “Evolution” style rail and it was by far the easiest installation I’ve done to date.  Once you remove the handguards and cap it seriously takes about 30 seconds to install and tighten up.  The rail has a nice smooth feel to it and is comfortable but not too skinny for those of us with big hands.  The 556 Tactical Modular Rail System is available in 7″, 9″, 10″, 11″, 12.37″ and 15″ lengths and each one comes with 2 short and one long modular rail sections.  Check out the details, purchase info and pics below. 

556 Tactical Evolution Rail 1

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The 556 Tactical Evolution Series is the next step forward in free floating hand guards. Light weight and durable these offer the perfect upgrade for 3 gun shooters, LE/Military or weekend enthusiasts alike. The 1.8” facetted O.D .offers a comfortable shooting platform while not being to large for most shooters. Accessory rails can be added or removed easily to adapt the hand guard to your needs (units can also be mounted at 45 degree offsets).

556 Tactical Evolution Rail 6

**Patent Pending**

–   The thermal bushing locks onto the stock barrel nut
–   No special tools required for installation
–   The inside diameter is large enough to fit most suppressors (1.56”)
–   Continuous mil spec top rail
–   Duel anti rotation tabs
–   Relieved for most gas piston systems
–   Thermal Bushings helps reduce heat transfer to hand guard
–   Supplied with 2x 2” rail kits and 1x 4” rail kit
–   Tube Matl 6010 T6, Bushing Matl. 303 Stainless
–   Mil-spec Hard coat Anodized

7″ – $155.00 – 7.2oz
9″ – $165.00 – 8.3oz
10″ – $170.00 – 8.8oz
11″ – $175.00 – 9.3oz
12.37″ – $195.00 – 10.2oz
15″ – $205.00 – 11.7oz

**You can purchase your very own 556 Tactical Evolution Series Rail at 556Tactical.com.