SNEAK PEEK!! New Diamondhead-USA Rear Sight MK2 Evo

Diamondhead USA Logo newDiamondhead-USA just announced a new version of their already very popular and high quality flip up iron sights.  Their sights have diamond shapes incorporated into the designThe housing of the current version of the rear sight looks somewhat like a Football Goal Post, both sides just stick straight up.  With the new MK2 Evo rear sight the housing around the rear aperture has been reshaped to a similar design as the front sight housing.  This not only looks cooler but there is a functional side to this as well.  If you’ve ever used iron sights you probably already know that they work great even out to a few hundred yards if you train with them.  However, the small aperture of the rear sight makes it difficult to use for quick target acquisition in a CQB (Close Quarters Battle) situation.  In CQB you would simply rotate just the aperture itself so that it is laying flat.  Now you line up the larger housing of the front and rear sight for quick target acquisition instead of a smaller precision aperture.  This is definitely a “why didn’t I think of that” type of idea.  I’m going to have to see about picking up a set of these.  Check out the pics and details below.

Diamondhead USA New Rear Sight Housing
Notice the new design of the rear sight housing on the right.

Here it is! The new Diamond Rear Sight takes aiming with iron sights to another new level.  The newly designed diamond-shaped upper now fully integrates with the front sight’s profile to give you lightning fast target acquisition – especially in Close Quarter situations. Our guys were field testing it recently and set completely new standards at CQ – and that was with the apertures flat… one of the sight’s “unique selling points”.

Dave Spaulding – one of the most esteemed industry writers and 2010 Law Enforcement Trainer of the Year said in (soon to be published) “Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement”… “Diamondhead Sights make targeting so easy, it’s like cheating” – and that was BEFORE he had tried the new Diamond Rear Mk 2 (Evo)!

Matched with the Diamond Front Sight, Diamondhead’s already renowned “Integrated Sighting System” now sets the bar even higher than before.

Diamondhead USA Current Rear Sight Housing
Current sight picture. Now imagine the uprights bent in towards the center to integrate with the front sight shape which is the new design.

The new MK2 Evo Rear Sight will be available very soon from Diamonhead-USA.com.  We’ll keep you updated as the product comes available.  Until then you can also check out the Diamondhead-USA Facebook page.