NEW!! Weekly Photo & Build Details – Starts Now!!

From now on, every week on Friday, you can count on seeing one of my photos to show up on both this website and also on our Facebook page.  This doesn’t seem too out of the ordinary but what is going to be different is that I am going to actually take the time to list out details on the build including links on where to buy these products.  These will be products that I have in hand, have actually used and will recommend to you.  I’ll take the photo and share it on Facebook with a link back to here with the details.  That’s it.  You might think this sounds like some smart manufacturer got a hold of me and said hey, lets do this thing….NOPE.  No one even knows I’m doing this and I’m going to be Slide Fire Stocks and Rotating Quad Rails in here either.  This is just stuff I use on a daily basis and want to start sharing more about.  I want you to be as informed as possible.  Don’t be one of the sheep, make and informed decision.  These also aren’t just products from my site sponsors.  As you’ll see in the article below there are parts from people who I like their products but they don’t pay me a dime in advertising.  And before anyone goes there, most of these parts, I paid for.  Sometimes the only way to get the good stuff is to pay for it.  Crazy isn’t it. 

Anyways, not that we are all clear….lets begin. : )  Below is what you’ll see every Friday.  First I’ll write a (shorter than this one) paragraph, then post both the unmarked pic and then the marked up version so you’ll be able to reference each part.  Then I’ll give you a few details and post links to purchase these parts.  Sound fair enough?

10-16-12 IWC BAD Ben.jpg
10-16-12 IWC BAD Ben 3
Annotated Version. CLICK TO ENLARGE!!

To start, this is a new build in process.  I wanted to get away from all the rails and heavy stuff and do a lightweight build and do my first non black build.  So here is its debut.

1.  INFORCE Weapon Lights:  I’ve owned almost all of their models and have fallen in love with their lightweight / high strength construction and ease of use.  Love em!  The particular one I’m using on this rifle is the 300 Lumen 9VX model.  Right now one of the best retailers on the net, Impact Weapons Components, has the WML (another one of my favorites) in-stock but no 6/9VX.  The 6VX and 9VX can be found with a quick google search.  Use code AR15NEWS at check out to save 5%.  It works, I’ve tried it.  Yes, I use my own discount codes.  🙂

2.  IMPACT WEAPONS COMPONENTS:  This is another company that got into late but have really grown to love their ingenuity and high quality products.  I’m using two of their products in this pic.  First is the SMC 1″ Light Mount on the left.  This product was specifically designed to be mounted to Magpul MOE Handguards with the light pushed forward more to give you more room for your hands.  It also requires no use of rail sections.  Very awesome product.  Second, if you notice that there is an oval with 2&3 in it.  That’s because there’s two products there.  The Mapul MOE handguard does not come with a good way to mount a sling so IWC will actually install their QD Micro in your existing handguard.  I liked it so much I had them do two, one on each side.  BALLER!!  LoL  Again, Use code AR15NEWS at check out to save 5%.

3.  Damage Industries D-Ring:  Damage Industries has been coming out some sweet little components lately but one of my favorites was this D-Ring QD Sling Attachment instead of your usual 1-1.5″ Webbing Loop.  This was exactly what I was looking for to “fix” my Magpul MS3 sling.  Anyways, very low cost upgrade and well worth it.

4.  2 Vet’s Arms Co. Lower:  Anytime I can help mention 2 Vet’s Arms Co I will.  They do some great things for our veterans including their new SPARTAN LOWER and from what I can tell they also make a great product as well.  Go check them out.  I think you’ll like what you see.

5.  Tactical Link EBAL:  I wrote an article for these guys a few weeks back about the new colors that are available for the Tactical Link Enhanced Battery Assist Lever (EBAL).  One of the reasons I wanted to is because I love the product.  Its the only “clamp-on” style lever I will use and have used for some time on multiple rifles.  Again, this wasn’t free, I bought mine.  They are THE BEST!!  Two main reasons: 1.  They use 3 mounting screws to keep it on rock solid.  2.  They’ve contoured and shaped it so its much more low profile than other designs.  Best $30 you’ll spend.

6.  Battle Arms Development Ambi Safety Selectors:  I don’t even need to explain this but here is the simple low down deal.  There is nothing like the BAD-ASS.  That’s it.  By far the best on the market.  If its half the price, its because its only half as good as a BAD-ASS.  Don’t be fooled.  I will admit most of my sets were donated to me but I would pay all day for these.  I don’t have a rifle with out them being installed first.

7.  PNW Arms Ammo:  What good is a rifle without reliable ammo?  PNW Arms has become a partner with AR15NEWS because they like you and, well, I really like their ammo and can stand behind it.  Simply put, they don’t cut corners.  Its some amazing stuff and priced competitively for high end ammo.  I was especially impressed with the pricing on the 300 Blackout Ammo which can be kind of pricey.  I got my first taste of PNW Arms ammo when I was building my 300 Blackout, not too long after that I was contacting them about working together.  Again I bought mine.  Also, they will be introducing civilian legal 5.56 ammo soon and you’ll see they already have a great selection of Pistol and Rifle ammo to choose from.

That’s it for today.  Like I said, be on the lookout for these posts every Friday.  If you have any input feel free to let me know.  Thanks!  –  Ben