New Magpul PMAG Pricing Structure – Good Deals to Be Found!

With the upcoming release of their new PMAG M3, Magpul has completely rewritten the pricing structure for the PMAG line.  The current PMAG designs are all being moved into the MOE lineup and will start at a retail price of just $12.95 for standard version or $15.95 for windowed version.  The new PMAG M3 will take its place and start at just $14.95 for the standard version and $17.95 for the windowed version.  I was very impressed but not surprised that Magpul would bring out the new PMAG M3 at a very reasonable price even though you know they would still sell like hot cakes even if they were a few bucks more.  Its just good business sense and the guys at Magpul have that for sure!  The PMAG and PMAG M3 are now even more of a no-brainer if that’s possible.

Mapul M3 PMAG

While you’re waiting for the arrival of the new M3, there are still some great places to pick up the current version of the PMAG and save a few bucks.  I noticed AIM Surplus was trying to make some storage room for their new shipment of PMAG M3’s coming in.  They have PMAG 30’s in all colors starting at just $12.30 each for the standard version or $15.15 each for the windowed version.  Plus all Mapul items receive FREE SHIPPING!  Check that deal out at AIMSurplus.com