SNEAK PEEK!! MFT BMS (Battlelink Minimalist Stock)

Mission First Tactical LogoThis image popped up over the weekend on Mission First Tactical’s Facebook page and I thought I would share it with you all.   This is the first view of their newest addition to the Battlelink line of AR-15 stocks called the BMS which stands for Battlelink Minimalist Stock.  The basic idea was to make a very compact and light weight collapsible stock and it looks as though they have accomplished just that.  I think this would make a great stock for a SBR/PDW, etc.  Now that I say that, it kind of reminds me a bit of the stock on an MP7.  Anyways, check out the rest of the information below that came a long with the pic on Facebook. 


Something we’ve been promising for quite some time found it’s way onto my desk today and that’s, weighing in at UNDER 4 OUNCES, the BMS or Battlelink Minimalist Stock! As you can see, we test the hell out of our gear, this was no exception, and this is just a production prototype!!! They road it so hard it cracked in half and they STILL didn’t want to give it back!! This baby is going to Retail for $59.99, Weight is under 4 ounces, One QD mount that optimizes Sling Position, and you can STILL mount your GPS with our mounting system!!! Can you tell we’re stoked! NOW GET SOME!!!!

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