AR15NEWS Weekly Photo & Build Details

It hardly feels like a whole week has gone by since the last time I did this but here we are again with another installment of our Weekly Photo & Build Details.  Once again, this is just something I wanted to do to help you guys know what I’m actually using on any of my rifles.  I took a fresh pic for you guys last night and its of one of my favorite handling rifles.  This one is a 300 AAC Blackout AR-15 and is a real beast.  One of the things you’ll notice in all of my rifles is that I really like to make them as ambidextrous as possible.  I personally am ambidextrous but even for those who aren’t there are still obvious advantages to being able to manipulate your weapon with your off hand such as if your strong hand was injured.  Anyways, check out the picture and details below.  If you want a closer look just click on the main image to enlarge it.  Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions. 

Weekly Photo and Build Details 10-26-12

Weekly Photo and Build Details 10-26-12 Annotated

1.  Aimpoint T-1 Micro:  It took me quite a while to break down and just buy one but I’m really glad I did.  These are definitely the highest quality red dot you can buy.  The mount I use is actually the Aimpoint LRP QD mount however there are quite a few other options out there.  I’m looking at the Seekins Precision mount personally.  I purchased mine from Roy over at Weapon Outfitters who is a fantastic retailer and photographer.

2.  Mega Arms Billet Lower:  Mega Arms has become very well known for making some of the finest components for the AR-15.  Their fit and finish is absolutely second to none.  This lower is one I purchased quite a while back and would have built all of my AR’s using Mega lowers had I not needed to use different lowers so I can take photos of different configurations.  I can’t say enough good about these lowers.  These are actually in-stock right now at Rainier Arms which is where I purchased mine.

3.  Norgon Ambi-Catch:  The Norgon Ambi-Catch (ambi mag release) was one of the first items I had the pleasure of reviewing when I started AR15NEWS.com.  Years later I’m still using the Ambi Catch as I can’t find anything even close.  I’ve tried a few other ambi mag releases but none offer the ease of use and reliability that the Norgon Ambi-Catch offers.  The serrated section gives you a very distinct place to press and it just works.  I still need to pick up a few extra of these but Christmas is coming soon.  🙂  These can also be purchased from Rainier Arms.

4.  Tactical Link EBAL:  The Tactical Link Enhanced Battery Assist Lever (EBAL) was featured in last weeks photo and build details and chances are pretty good that you’ll continue to see them.  Why’s that?  Because I use them on all of my AR’s (unless they have built in ambi bolt release).  There are plenty of decent options out there for Battery Assist Levers but, in my opinion, none were as well thought out as the EBAL.  Two main reasons: 1.  They use 3 mounting screws to keep it on rock solid.  2.  They’ve contoured and shaped it so its much more low profile than other designs.  Best $30 you’ll spend.

5.  ALG Defense ACT Trigger:  I wanted to try one of these out to see if they were really as good as I’d heard so I bought one a while back.  For $65 its probably one of the best bang for your buck triggers out there. These are standard mil-spec triggers that have been tuned by Geissele Automatics.  In fact, Bill Geissele’s wife Amy owns the company.  So far I really like it.  I purchased my ALG Defense ACT trigger from Rainier Arms.

6.  Battle Arms Development Ambi Safety Selectors:  This specific model is the BAD-CASS-SA which is basically a beefed up version of the BAD-ASS.  By using a dovetail mounting system they’ve reduced the stress put on the screws of the selector.  I’ve even taken the screws out to see if they still work and sure enough the levers stay on and function like normal.  By far the best on the market and I put them on every rifle I own.  If its half the price, its because its only half as good.  You can purchase yours from Battle Arms Development.

7.  Magpul MBUS Gen2:  These are great little sights that I’ve recommended to lots of people.  My primary shooting is done through my optics so I don’t want to spend a ton of money on my BUIS but I also don’t want some junk.  These are a great compromise and despite the fact that they are polymer, they are very rugged.  My one suggestion is that you make sure you get the Gen 2 versions.  Its not that big of a deal for the rear sight but the Gen 2 front sight is much better than the Gen 1.  Just my opinion though.  I again bought mine from Rainier Arms.

8.  Rainier Arms RAPTOR Ambi Charging Handle:  One of the best new products to hit the market this year was the Rainier Arms RAPTOR Charging Handle.  These are serious pieces of mechanical awesomeness and are produced for Rainier Arms by AXTS Weapon Systems.  If you want an Ambi Charging Handle, this is the way to go.  Obviously these are also available at Rainier Arms.

9.  FORTIS Manufacturing MPSA:  Fortis Manufacturing is a new company in the industry and brought out a few small items, one being the MPSA (Multi Point Sling Attachment) end plate.  There are tons of options to choose from in this area of the market but FORTIS has a leg up on the fit and finish department.  All of the end plates have a QD attachment point in the center with different options for webbing on the sides.  The few I have were given to me but I really like them.  You can check them out at Rainier Arms.  🙂

10.  Magpul MOE+ Grip:  Back in the day my preferred grip was the Hogue grip.  I just really liked the Hogue’s rubber overmold and texture but I realized I liked the size of the Magpul grips much better.  I ended up switching over to the Magpul grips but was wishing they had a rubber overmold grip.  Then along came the MOE+ and made my day.  Currently, I have this grip on ALL of my AR’s but I tend to swap grips a lot for photos.  I bought mine from…..Rainier Arms.

11.  B5 Systems Enhanced SOPMOD Stock:  This is one of those simple is better products.  The B5 Systems Enhanced SOPMOD stock is a very well built AR-15 stock with great cheek weld, rubber but pad, two storage tubes and a QD Sling Mount.  That’s it!  No frills or gimmicks.  It just gets the job done.  I’ve had this stock for about 6 months now and so far so good. There’s no wobble and the ergonomics are great.  Definitely worth checking out for your new stock.  Check them out at B5 Systems.

**You probably noticed a lot of “Rainier Arms” references.  That is because I have had tons of experience with them and I want to refer you to someone I know will take good care of you but this is not a collaboration.  They have no idea that I am linking to them at all and I get no commissions or anything from them for doing this.  Just FYI**