CRAZY DEAL!! AIM 16″ 5.56 Daniel Defense CHF Mid MOE NiB Complete Upper

AIM Surplus logoI just happened to run across this deal over the weekend and wanted to share it with you guys.  At first glance you can tell this is a great deal but its not until you start breaking down all of the components that you realize just how good it is.  We’re all used to seeing pretty basic uppers priced at just under $300 but those don’t include a Bolt Carrier Group or Charging Handle and typically just have some variation of a CMV barrel.  This new complete upper from AIM Surplus runs $499.95 but comes with a complete BCG including a NiB Carrier and a Charging Handle.  To top it all off it also comes with a Daniel Defense Cold Hammer Forged midlength barrel covered up by a Magpul MOE Handguard.  When you take into account that the BCG, Charging Handle and MOE Handguard are at least $230+ worth of extra’s you realize that you’re getting a Daniel Defense CHF barreled upper for well under $300 plus you get FREE SHIPPING!  (Hint, hint…this is how you justify it to your wife guys)  If I hadn’t just blown all of my fun money on my dream lower (story for another day) I would be picking one of these up for sure.  Check out the pics and details below!

AIM DD MOE Complete Upper 1

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New AIM complete .223/5.56 caliber upper receiver groups featuring 16″ Cold Hammer Forged Chrome Lined Daniel Defense barrels. Built using some of the finest components available (full specs below) and a forged F-Marked A2 front sight base with Mid Length gas system. Includes complete HPT/MPI Bolt Carrier Group with NiB Carrier, Charging Handle and Magpul MOE Handguards.

This awesome complete upper can be purchased online at AIMSurplus.com