SNEAK PEEK!! SLR Rifleworks Handguard and Gas Block

SLR Rifleworks logoA few weeks ago I introduced you guys to SLR Rifleworks.  They are a newer company out of Florida that is producing some very nice looking AR-15’s and parts.  One of the things that originally caught my eye was there new 12″ INTREPID Series handguard.  The INTREPID has a 12 and 6 o’clock continuous rail and shorter rails towards the front leaving a nicer smooth surface to place your support hand.  This is a seriously sweet looking rail that should be available for purchase very soon.  They also have a really nice 12 position Adjustable Low Profile Gas Block.  The Gas Block is machined to fit under any handguard and can be adjusted on the fly with the included allen wrench.  The guys at SLR Rifleworks were nice enough to send me a pre-production sample of the INTREPID and an DA7 Adjustable Low Profile Gas Block to take some photos of and share with you guys.  These were just for photos so I did not have a chance to get any shooting time with them before sending them back but from the hands on experience I did have with them they seem to be extremely nice.  Check out the pics and details below. 

SLR Rifleworks INTREPID - AR15NEWS 4

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12″ Intrepid Series Free Floating Handguards – On the site for sale by mid October-

–  7″, 9″ and 10″ versions coming next

–   7075 Billet Handguard

–   Ultra Slim Design

–   Free FloatinG

–   Steel Phosphate Barrel Nut

–   Lightweight Design

–   Anti rotation and anti slip built in.

–   No special barrel nut wrench required

–   Easy removal for maintenance


–   For .750″ Barrels

–   12 Position

–   Single tool operation. Adjustment takes seconds and can be done with one hand while the rifle is on a sling.

–   Detent adjuster

–   Adjustment tool included(fits in AR grips with storage door)

–   Full gas cutoff to full open metering 4 turns total 3 clicks per turn

–   Tactile, audible clicks  for each position make adjustment easy and quick.

–   Self-cleaning design reduces carbon fouling.

–   Captured detent allows adjustment screw to be removed in seconds and cleaned if needed. No springs, balls or pins to fall out or parts to lose

–   Machined from 4140 Billet Steel

–   Phosphate Coating

–   Great addition to any AR, SBR’s, 300BLK builds and a must have for todays over-gassed .308 pattern AR’s and Suppressor use.

–   Durability tested on F/A SBR’s w/Suppressors for over a year. Will not seize up with carbon like so many others on the market.

–   Full cutoff allows your AR to achieve bolt action sound levels when suppressed

–   Micro Sized – Fits and clears all available handguards on the market today.

–   Mounting set screws, roll pin and adjustment tool included.

–   Fully assembled, ready for installation

–   Use on any length gas system

The DA7 Gas Block is already available for purchase at SLRRifleworks.com while the INTREPID Handguard will be available very soon. 

Be sure to follow SLR Rifleworks on Facebook as well to be the first to know about any new products.