AR15NEWS Weekly Photo and Build Details

I’m trying to keep these photos looking different for you guys so you don’t get bored.  Thought this one turned out good.  Basically this one is the opposite end of last weeks build.  As you may remember, this build is a 300 Blackout and, as I stated last week, its one of my favorites.  The barrel is the heart and soul of this rifle so definitely check out the details on it below.  Hope you guys are enjoying these articles.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below and I’ll reply.  

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AR15NEWS Weekly Build and Photo Details Annotated.jpg

1.  GoGun SuperComp NT:  I’ve tried a lot of different brakes over the past few years but the one I keep coming back to for my 300 Blackout is the GoGun SuperComp NT.  Its not a very flashy design, it just works great.  It does a great job of controlling muzzle rise, lowering felt recoil and it also is a pretty decent flash hider.  All in all I’m very happy with it.  Check them out at GoGunUSA.com.

2.  Wilson Combat 300 Blackout Match Grade Barrel:  As I stated above, the barrel is the heart and soul of any build.  This Wilson Combat Match Grade barrel is top notch.  It is the Recon Tactical SS Fluted model with a carbine length gas system, 1/8 twist, M4 feed ramps and is 16″ in length.  I’ve found this barrel to be very accurate even when using junk ammo.  When using high quality ammo such as PNW Arms 300 Blackout Match ammo its a tack driver!  Check these and more out at WilsonCombat.com.

3.  HSP Thorntail Offset Light Mount:  I’ve been using the HSP Thorntail offset light mounts ever since they came out and they are awesome.  They were designed in conjunction with Impact Weapons Components and Haley Strategic Partners and are produced by IWC.  With my 6’2″ frame and long arms I need as much rail system space as I can get for placing my hands out as far as possible.  These mounts get my light setup forward off the rail and out of the way.  It also tucks the lights in very close to the bore making it very low profile.  You can get multiple different ring sizes to fit pretty much any light out there.  I love these lights and would recommend them to anyone.  Mine all came directly from ImpactWeaponsComponents.com.  Make sure you use the code “AR15NEWS” so you can save 5% off your purchase.

4.  IWC 1913 Handstop:  If you are looking for a super low profile handstop you’ll love the 1913 Handstop from Impact Weapons Components.  It only takes up one recoil slot on your rail system and if you take a look at the picture a bit closer you’ll see that you can even but your Magpul Ladder Rail Covers right up to it.  Just because its small doesn’t mean its inferior.  Once you tighten this thing down it isn’t moving.  This product again made by one of my favorite companies to do business with, Impact Weapons Components.  Check out the 1913 Handstop at ImpactWeaponsComponents.com.  Don’t forget to use the code “AR15NEWS” so you can save 5% off your purchase.

5.  LaRue Tactical Index ClipsThese are a newer product for me.  I just picked up a package of these a few weeks ago but am already liking them.  They have a great feel and are a breeze to install/remove.  The best part about these is that they come with 72 pieces so you can really cover a lot of rail space and included in the 72 are a bunch with hooks and guides designed to help manage tape switch cords.  The design seems to work very well and it looks pretty cool too.  LaRue Tactical makes some pretty expensive stuff but these are actually really affordable.  A complete 72 piece set costs only $29.95.  Check them out at LaRueTactical.com.

6.  Centurion Arms C4 12.0 RailThis actually has to be one of the nicest rails I own and have ever handled.  The C4 rail was designed based on the operational experience of the owner of Centurion Arms who is an active duty Navy Seal.  They are a Freefloat 2-piece rail that installs directly onto the existing barrel nut.  Installation takes 2 minutes tops.  At first glance you might wonder what makes them better but you almost have to feel them to understand.  All sharp edges have been removed, the finish is flawless and the mount up so solid you’d think they were monolithic.  Centurion Arms cut no corners at all with this rail and honestly they didn’t care that it would increase the cost.  They wanted to make the best rail out there.  You do have to pay a little bit more to have the best but its well worth the cost.  I purchased mine from RainierArms.com, you should too!  🙂

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