NEW!! AERO Precision Launches New Website

AERO Precision Logo 2Aero Precision has just launched their new website and it looks really nice.  Up until just yesterday, Aero Precision had no official website which made it difficult for AR-15 owners and prospective owners to really know exactly what they offered.  Aero Precision actually machines all of their own products which includes stripped AR-15 Uppers, Lowers and a really cool product called the COP or Continuous Optic Platform.  This means they control every aspect of the production of their products including an emphasis on quality and pricing.  If you are unfamiliar with Aero Precision you really need to get on over to their new website and see some of what they have to offer.  They don’t sell their products on this website but if you check out their dealers and distributors you’ll be surprised at how affordable they are.  But don’t let the price give you the wrong idea about the quality.  Aero Precision has a great reputation for high quality products at a fantastic price point.  They have also created a new Roll Mark / Logo for their lowers which you can see in the picture below.  Check out Aero Precision for yourself at AeroPrecisionUSA.com.  

AERO Precision Website

AERO Precision Website 2