Awesomeness!! Tactical Walls Storage Inserts

Tactical Walls Logo 1Pretty much every gun owner I know struggles with the concept of keeping their guns out of sight/reach but also keeping them somewhere that they are easy to get to if they were to actually need them.  Just simply leaving your handgun or AR sitting out on the kitchen counter isn’t the safest idea and on the other hand by the time you run downstairs to the basement to get your guns out of a locked safe it may be too late.  This may be the perfect compromise for some circumstances.  The company Tactical Walls has produced a series of storage inserts designed around the idea of concealing your defensive stash yet making it easy to get to.  The storage inserts offered by Tactical Walls are made of hard ABS plastic and are sized to fit between the studs in your walls.

Tactical Walls Large Container

You basically just cut open a hole in your wall, install the insert and then use something to cover it up such as a picture, mirror or whatever works for you.  They offer small ones that would be perfect for keeping a few handguns and some mags in or you could go with the larger size which you can store Rifles and Shotguns in. 

Tactical Walls Large Container Install
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The nice thing is that unless you tell someone that its there they would never know.  Imagine if in your living room next to your couch you had this nice tall mirror hanging on the wall.  Everyone would think it was just a nice looking mirror to admire themselves in but you know that behind that mirror is an AR-15, a Shotgun and three Handguns plus all the ammo and accessories you could need.  Pretty awesome if you ask me.  Behind bathroom mirrors are another great place to put one of the smaller storage units.  The price on these are pretty affordable as well with units starting at just $40. 

I think this is an awesome concept and product.  I’m already picturing in my head where I want to do this in my house.  My only word of caution is to make sure you think through your home situation.  If you have kids running around you may need to go with one of the smaller options that you can place up higher and out of reach of little hands.  These are definitely worth taking a look at.  You can get more information and purchase one for yourself at TacticalWalls.com

Thanks to Tactical Fanboy for the initial find.  🙂