Black Friday Sale!! Original S.O.E. (Special Operations Equipment)

Another great Black Friday Sale.  This one is from Original S.O.E. (Special Operations Equipment) and the savings can really add up quick.  Check out the details below.

Black Friday 2012 Original SOE

From Original S.O.E:  “Ok let’s start the Black Friday sale right now. 10% off all orders under $150.00. 15% off all orders $150 to $250. 20% off all orders $251 and above. All orders over $251 will receive a free nude picture of Justin Mateer. You need to put “American Black Friday sale” into notes. This sale is for standard items only. No modifications will be made. We will not combine any orders. You order three time you will get three shipments. Please share this post. Please post this on forums. If we see you posting on forums or have a lot of people say you sent them we will send you a little something extra. Order away.”  http://www.originalsoegear.com/about.html