NEW!! Haley Strategic Partners TROUBLESHOOTER CAP

Haley Strategic Partners LogoHope you guys had a great Thanksgiving!  I don’t typically post about hats and clothing, in fact its been a long time since I have but this struck me as a pretty awesome looking hat.  Just the other day Haley Strategic Partners (HSP) introduced 2 brand new products.  One was the new 200 Lumen INFORCE WML-HSP (see article here) and the other was their new HSP Troubleshooter Cap.  The Troubeshooter Cap is basically what man would refer to as an Operators Cap.  It has multiple Velcro areas to attach patches to including the front.  Many people place an American Flag here but you could literally put whatever you want or in the case of this cap nothing as it has a sweet HSP logo sewn in as well.  The thing I liked most about this hat is that it has a soft fabric mesh section that allows the hat to breath better than your standard style hat.  Anyways, go check it out.  Looks to be a really nice hat.  Available for purchase at HaleyStrategic.com

HSP Troubleshooter Cap 1

HSP Troubleshooter Cap 2