NEW!! POF USA Drop-In Trigger System – Extended Black Friday Pricing

I missed this one last weekend with all of the Black Friday sales that were going on.  Thankfully the POF USA Black Friday sale goes all the way through tonight so you can still get in on this awesome deal.  POF USA (Patriot Ordnance Factory) recently introduced their new 4.5LB Drop-In Trigger System and its now on sale at 20% Off.  If you’re unfamiliar with Drop-In Triggers they are a really cool concept.  Instead of installing your trigger group, piece by piece, you basically have this block that you drop in which holds all of the components inside.  All you have to do at that point is install the trigger and hammer pins and you’re set to go.  I use one by another manufacturer and it took me around 1.5-2 minutes to install including removing the old trigger group.  Anyways, definitely check this deal out today if you want to save some $$ on it.  Even at its normal price of $199.99 its a great deal but for $159.99 its a steal.  POF USA makes some awesome product and I’m sure this will be another great one.  Get yours at www.POF-USA.com!

POF USA Dropin Trigger Unit 1aPOF USA Dropin Trigger Unit 1a