NEW!! Dueck Defense Ads Fiber Optic and Night Sight Options

If you’ve been following AR15NEWS.com for quite a while you may remember when we wrote about the new Dueck Defense RTS (Rapid Transition  Sight).  Just yesterday on their Facebook page they announced they were adding two new models to the lineup which are a Fiber Optic option made by Sightlink and a Night Sight option made by Trijicon.  Both options are now available when purchasing your RTS set or if you already have a pair you can upgrade them as well.  If my memory serves me correctly, Dueck Defense was the first company to offer a set of 45 degree offset BUIS.  Many other companies have followed suit and developed their own sights or mounts since then but the Dueck Defense RTS have a very good history of being super strong and high quality.  The developer, Barry Dueck, is a former Marine and is currently one of the best 3-Gun competitors out there and definitely puts his products through their paces.  He also works for SureFire developing some other very cool products.  Check out the new options below.  You can purchase a set for yourself at DueckDefense.com

Dueck Defense RTS Fiber Optic and Night Sights

Dueck Defense RTS Fiber Optic and Night Sights 2