NEW!! Limited Edition Umbrella Corp Lower Goes On Sale Tonight – Just $135

UCWRG LogoWhether you are a fan of the Resident Evil movies or not you may want to check out these awesome Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group forged AR-15 lower receivers.  UCWRG has made lowers before and are planning on doing more in the future but this specific lower will be a Limited Edition of just 200 units made for them by Mega Arms.  The logo on this Limited Edition run is recessed to allow for easy color fill.  Plus there are a few special feature such as the Mega Arms magwell bevel and UCWRG’s patent pending custom grip interface chamfers.  Pricing on this Limited Edition is still just $135 but they won’t be available for purchase until they launch their new website around 8pm EST 11/30/12 which is tonight.  Personally I would start checking earlier than that as these will sell out very fast.  As a Lower Receiver Collector myself, I would love to have one of these but the Christmas budget isn’t helping.  Get yours tonight at UCWRG.com!!

Umbrella Corp AR15 Lower 1

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Color fill? You got it! While we’re ramping up production for our forged lowers our friends at Mega Arms have done us a huge favor by running some for us in the mean time. We’ve had many people ask about color fill with our receivers and we

We know our standard logo is not conducive to a quality color job so we’ve answered with this pocketed style logo. If color fill is something you’re interested in, be ready for these lowers to hit our website Friday, November 30th, sometime after 8PM EST as we launch the new site. This is a limited edition run of this design so get them while you can, only 200 available! They have Mega’s great magwell bevel and UCWRG’s patent pending custom grip interface chamfers. Forget about struggling with tight aftermarket grips, with a lower from UCWRG it won’t be a problem. Price will be $135.

Our regular lowers are still a top priority for us and we’re working on getting production up and running shortly! Please stay tuned; we appreciate your patience!

Just FYI.  In case you were wondering, UCWRG has no affiliation with the Resident Evil movies but has secured the rights to use this logo and name.  –  Ben