NEW!! Night Vision and Optics Adapter for iPad 3

As most of you are probably aware, I typically stick to introducing new AR-15, AR-15 accessories and AR-15 parts.  However, I also promised to always let you know about any new product that was really interesting or cool, especially if it was something that might be able to improve your shooting.  Well this is one of those products.  Last night I had a chance to speak with Tim from US Night Vision and he explained their new Night Vision Optics Adapter for the iPad 3.  Without really putting any thought into it you might think this is just some toy to take pics of your friends with your NV but when you take a deaper look there are many more benefits to this system.  The fact that it can not only mount to NV but also to multiple different spotting scopes and range finders, etc. is a big plus.  Imagine never having to put your eye up to your spotting scope to see where your hit was when shooting longer range.  Also for training purposes, especially with long range shooting, you’ll be able to record your groupings to see your improvement over time.  It can also be valuable for hunters using range finders to take pics of certain ranges from their shooting position. This is definitely a cool product.  Check out the pics and the rest of the details below.

These Patent Pending New iPad Optics Adapters are custom fitted to exacting tolerances. Utilizing the 5mp Camera iSight Camera on the New iPad you will be able to couple optical and digital devices like never before. The retina display is amazing and the processing power allows instant manipulation of video playback such as pinch zoom of live video, stop frame, frame grab, screen shot and instant sharing via 4G or WiFi.

1 US Night Vision iPad 3 caseback_w-dillo_backer

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Included, are ten 1/4-20″ mounting points on the frame for a multitude of options for mounting various optics and related accessories such as support arms for large optics and/or lasers & lights. There is also access to all ports and buttons for easy use with all accessories.

To further protect your device, there is an industrial grade protective graphic backer. Not only does this act to further dampen and protect the device it also adds a matte non-reflective finish for use at night.

Connecting with the New iPad adapter is the 360º clocking ring for use with current night vision, infrared devices and daytime optics. The adapter allows the use of the smart device camera to interface with a wide range of Military Grade Optics. All adapters are hard anodized in Teflon® , the strongest & most durable finish available today!

Ships With: Telfon® Coated Frame for New iPad, Teflon® Coated 360º Clocking Ring, Industrial Grade Backer, Eye-Cup Retainer Adapter and Frame Tool.

Adapts to:
Recon M24 Thermal

Additional Adapters Available For:
Leupold 12×40 Spotting Scopes
FLIR Recon M18 Thermal
37mm Lenses
3x & 5x Military Lenses
Swarovski Spotting Scopes
LTI Range Finders

This product can be purchased directly from LaRueTactical.com or USNightVision.com.

**Update**  Tim South from US Night Vision just mentioned that there are adapters for the iPhone and Samsung GIII as well. Check out the youtube videos of this in use on the USNV Corp YouTube channel.