December Sale!! QD Swivels and Mulit Mounts from Damage Industries

Damage Industries Logo NEWDamage Industries is having a sale on their QD Swivels and Multi Mounts.  I have personally used both of these items from Damage Industries and have been very happy with them.  One item in particular I really like.  The Mulit Mount is a rail mounted sling attachment point that allows you to mount QD’s, Snap Hooks, Mash Hooks, etc. to one single mount.  I personally like to use it as a combo Hand Stop / Sling Mount.  It mounts very solid, works great and is on sale for just $20.  The QD’s are great too.  I used a set of their D-Loop QD’s to make my Magpul MS3 sling QD instead of upgrading to the QD version.  Definitely head on over and check these out.  Would make great stocking stuffers for any AR-15 fan.  The sale items are the first 3 listed on the following page.  http://damageusa.com/products

Damage Industries Multi Mount and QD Swivel