Great Deal!! AR57 Brand “AR FIFTEEN” Multi Cal Lower Receiver

You won’t see these for sale very often so I’m really tempted to grab one of these AR57 “AR FIFTEEN”  lowers.  I already own one of the AR57 complete uppers which would go very well with this.  AR57 is mostly known for making their AR57 upper which uses top mounted 50 round FN P90 mags to feed the beast while spent casings eject out the magwell of any standard AR-15 lower.  This is definitely a unique forged lower receiver just in the fact that it is an AR57 brand AR-15 lower but it also has some cool looking aggressive grooves cut into the front of the magwell too.  I have no experience with their lowers but based on the quality of their AR57 upper and their reputation I would say these should be good to go.  Whether you are looking to build a budget AR or just looking for another nice AR-15 lower receiver the build on this might be the perfect find.  Right now AIM Surplus has them on sale for just $79.95 each or $74.95 for 3 or more.  Check them out at AIMSurplus.com

AR57 Forged AR FIFTEEN Lower Receiver 3

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New AR57 AR FIFTEEN multiple caliber semi-automatic stripped lower receivers for AR type Rifles. Built to Military Specifications for extreme reliability and long term durability. Machined from a 7075-T6 aluminum forging. It features a Mil-spec type III hard coat anodizing, and it marked “Cal. Multi” to be used in any build or configuration. Works with standard AR15/M16 magazines and components. Lower is low shelf and pictogram marked to indicate safe/fire. Limit of three per person.

You can also check out the very unique AR57 Uppers at 57Center.com.