NEW!! 2 Vet’s Arms Co “Prepper Ready Package”

2VETSARMSCOThe other day I happened to be perusing the world of Facebook and ran across a very cool new deal from my friends over at 2 Vet’s Arms Co.  Its called the Prepper Ready Package and includes the 2 Vet’s Arms Co 5.56 or 300 Blackout SOPMOD rifle, a Dark Angel Medical, LLC “pocket kit” blowout kit and 6 USGI supply line mags from C Products Defense, all housed in a Discreet Carry Case from Tactical Tailor.  The rifle will be comprised of an LAR Ops 4 upper, NiB coated carrier, 416R stainless barrel and a Spectre length rail system.  2 Vet’s Arms Co makes some amazing rifles.  They started out as a Veteran Owned husband and wife team building custom rifles for veterans and just recently won a huge contract with a national retailer.  Just awesome to see the American Dream full steam ahead for these guys. 


The 5.56 “Prepper Ready Package” is priced right at $1,500.  This is really a super deal.  I just ran the numbers on this exact same rifle on their website and it came to $1,429 for just the rifle alone.  For just $71 more you’re getting a $200 TT Discreet Carry Case, 6 mags and a Dark Angel pocket med kit.  Talk about sweetening the pot.  You can also upgrade to 300 Blackout for just $165 more.  According to the owner this is a deal they plan to keep around as a standard package.  The Prepper Ready Package is available for purchase right now at 2VetsArms.com.  Definitely head on over to the 2 Vet’s Arms Co Facebook page and click “LIKE” to keep up to speed with this awesome company.